Christmas crafts

Just a glimpse.


Ring the Bells Bean Bag game.

We enjoyed playing our Ring the Bell bean bag toss game. We chose a colored bell band tossed the bean bag trying to hit the right color then passing it to the friend behind us.


We had an amazing and exciting day today. We talked about the Jewish holiday Hanukkah also known as the Festival of Lights. We explored the meaning behind the celebration and why it is an important tradition for so many families. We read stories, watched a short movie, danced and played Pin the Candle on the Menorah.


The Preppers spent the week learning all about nutrition. We learned that it’s important to eat a variety of foods to give our bodies the fuel it needs to learn, grow and play. We created a giant food pyramid, then filled it with our play food. We also chose and cut photos from magazines to use in a food sorting activity. We created healthy plates, and used our math and science skills to make whole wheat honey banana bread!