Our 5 senses!

We took turns playing musical instruments, then had to “name that sound” by only using our sense of hearing.
“Name that Sound!”
We used our sense of touch to explore and describe our texture board.
We practiced hopping on the lines and vertices of shapes.
We “read” our recipe…
…measured and added our ingredients…
…mixed it together…
…then added two primary colors to create a secondary color with our soft and fluffy moon doh.
Our first scissors lesson for fine motor practice.
Using dry erase markers to practice our names.
We used all of our senses during our awesome sensory show and tell.
Happy Friday!!!

Check out our week!

Pattern math
PJ’s and lovies make a great show and tell
Fine motor skills with balls and snakes out of play doh. We will use this skill when we begin to build letters and numbers
Incorporating sensory activities with identifying letters and spelling our names
Our new job board is up and running. We’re working hard to help in our classroom
Lovie lunch

Our week

We worked hard this week! We met and built “Mat Man” for the first time. We learned some new handwriting songs, and how “May Man” can help us build shapes, numbers and letters. We also practiced identifying and spelling our names. We learn best through play, so we incorporated lots of fun games like “The name game”- where we find and match our names hidden around our classroom. We also had so much fun sharing our “All about me” bags during show and tell. We ended our week with some self affirmation exercises. We looked in our mirror, and named all the wonderful things we like about ourselves (and our friends.)

Building “Mat Man”
Our handwriting song
Doing it all by ourselves!
Building shapes
Spelling our names
“Mat Man”
The name game
I love me!!!

And this is just our morning 😁

We work hard in the Prepper class to learn to identify, spell and eventually write our names.
One of our favorite games to help us is “The Name Game.” We identify our names, spell and count the letters, then we switch and hide our friends names.
Everyone did a great job finding their name!
We don’t let a rainy morning get us down. We enjoyed some freeze dancing brain breaks!

Rolling Clay with our “Bear” Hands!

This month we are learning all about different kinds of habitats and which plants and animals live in each one. We focused on forests this week and each made our own brown bear to take home. We used our fine motor skills to roll clay into balls and rods to then bend and form into the shapes that made up our animal!