The Prepper class has been very busy planting a wildflower garden in our courtyard this week! We also planted out very own flower pots to care for and take home. #savethebees 

Can you undo water pollution?

The Preppers have been learning about recycling, pollution, and different ways to protect our planet. We conducted a science experiment about water pollution. We wanted to know if you could undo the damage done once water is polluted. We used a clear container to simulate the ocean, and added all kinds of yucky things like styrofoam, oil, paper, coffee and soap.We then left the mixture to sit during our day, checking in periodically. In the afternoon, we removed all of the trash from the water, and strained the water into a water bottle. The children were asked if they would like to drink our “clean” water…everyone yelled, “No! It’s yucky!” Our conclusion was: even though we removed the visible trash from the water, we could not undo the damage we had done once the water was polluted. 

A World of Imagination!

Sidewalk chalk can spark any child’s imagination!  Today our friends drew pails, shovels, and beach balls, flags of the United States of America, and created other pieces of abstract art!  We found a tiny inchworm to share our artwork with, and picked beautiful, yellow flowers for each other. ❤  We ended with a fast game of TAG!!