Water Day💦

We didn’t let a gloomy morning spoil our first water day of the season. The Preppers headed out during our tiny window of sunshine Friday afternoon to enjoy the fun. We sure will miss our friends who are moving up to Pre-K, but had a great send off full of splashing and ice cream sandwich treats!


Our class book

Our Preppers did such a great job being both authors and illustrators of our yearly classroom book. I hope everyone enjoys reading it with their families.

Our little Gardeners

The Preppers Friends had so much fun learning to be gardeners last week. We learned all about the lifecycle of plants, and had lots of hands on learning experiences in our courtyard.We are all working very hard to take care of our very own wild flower pots.

Water Pollutions

The Preppers completed one of our favorite science experiments for the year-Water Pollution! We learned what water pollution is, and how it affects marine life and our planet. We wanted to know: if we created a polluted environment, using common items that most of us use everyday, would the water be clean and safe once we removed the pollutants. We simulated an aquatic environment in a bucket with clean, fresh water, then add pollutants such as detergent, oil, paper, plastic and styrofoam. We later removed the items, and observed our findings.