Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain!

The Preppers have been learning all about weather this week. Today, we learned about different types of clouds and what they mean. We then took a little stroll in the rain! We went outside in the mist and looked into the sky to discover stratus clouds. We had a quiet moment and just felt the mist on our faces, then spun and danced in the rain! 

When we returned to our classroom, we felt the mist in our hair and conducted our science experiment. We discussed that rain boots are made of rubber, and that water can not penetrate them. Our brave volunteers tested our theory by standing in warm water in boots vs socks. We learned that the socks absorbed the water, while it rolled right off of the rubber.  


Math and handwriting

We discussed all the different types of clothes we wear during winter this morning. We also played a fun math game “Dress the Snowman.” Your little ones did a great job listening to quite music and staying focused during our handwriting lesson.