Classroom pets!

Caring for our classroom pets is a great way for your little one to learn responsibility, empathy, and respect for all forms of life. We all do a great job taking care of Midge, giving her yummy carrot snacks is lots of fun! 

We would like to introduce you to the newest members of our class, our pet fish! We have 3, a male oranda goldfish, a female oranda goldfish, and a plecostomus (algae eater). We are still deciding on names, and any suggestions are welcomed.

Forest Fun!

The Prepper class had so much fun learning all about the forest this week! We went on nature walks and collected and classified leaves depending on tree type. We also explored lots of nature items in our science center, created a giant bird nest, and pretended to be hungry squirrels collecting acorns for the winter. We learned that trees give us oxygen and help to keep our air clean, so it’s very important to care for them.