Movie Day!

What better way to wrap up our unit on feelings than having a movie day? A big thank you to Catie-bug and the Cooke family for lending us “Inside Out.” We loved getting cozy with our blankets and lovies, and munching on some yummy popcorn snacks while learning about our emotions.

Thank you so much to our classroom mom, Michelle Breaux, for providing us with such yummy snacks for our taste test during our unit on our 5 senses. The winners: sour worms and chocolate!

We had lots of fun using our senses in so many hands on activities. We explored texture boards, described sounds we heard outside, and painted while listening to soft classical music.

Learning through teamwork!

We paired older friends with younger ones to build “Mat Man.” This was s great lesson in teamwork and compromising. We work on a lot of small and large group activities in our classroom. This helps to build strong peer relationships, establish the older children as leaders, as well as great peer modeling work.

Introducing “Mat Man” and an impromptu freeze dance session!

We use the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum to learn handwriting in the Preppers class. It’s a fun way to learn proper pencil grip, line strokes and line placement. We always begin our curriculum by learning to build “Mat Man.” He helps us to understand the human form, which is a big part of handwriting. 

We finished a morning full of learning with an impromptu freeze dance party! Freeze dancing is a great way to learn to stay focused, follow directions, and follow the rules of a game. Partner dancing requires cooperative communication and builds strong friendships and bonds.

Pajama day!

We thought a great way to wrap up our unit on “All about me” would be to have a pajama day! We also brought out best stuffed friends to school for show and tell. Everyone had fun during our Friday dance party!