Pumpkin madness!!!

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to all the Prepper parents for their participation in making this week so much fun! We went a little crazy with pumpkins and apples. We tasted apples and made a delicious apple and blueberry cobbler. Cooking is a great way to learn fun math skills. We learned about ingredients, how to follow a recipe, and how to measure wet and dry ingredients. We also encorporated apples and pumpkins into our math lessons. We used links to measure length and height, and learned to use a scale to weigh different things. We also practiced estimating the weight of different things and guessing which items would be heaviest/lightest by just looking at them.

Thank you so much to the Breaux family for being such great room parents. Mr Breaux volunteered to play chef and cooked our friends delicious pumpkin waffles for breakfast! We also used our math and cooking skills to make pumpkin ice cream!!

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