We began our month-long unit on transportation. We kicked off the fun with transportation bingo and exploring our school bus. We had so much fun going on our pretend field trip and having a pic nic snack. We went to Disney World, the airport, and the beach!

Fine Motor and pre-handwriting skills!

The Preppers love using their fine motor skills in fun and new ways. We participate in lots of “messy” play to encourage sensory exploration, and have a blast using Mat Man to “build” letters. This is a great basis for writing strokes and proper letter formation.

“Do you want to build a snowman?”

We are having so much fun learning all about winter foods, and making lots of delicious treats this week! This morning, we used jumbo marsh mellows, pretzel sticks, graham crackers, craisins, and frosting (glue) to build a sweet snowman. We all did a great job being patient and following multiple-step directions, we also used our fine motor skills. Be sure to check back for photos from our eating portion of the lesson…it’s the best part!

New Friends are Awesome!!!

We would like to welcome our three new friends into our Prepper classroom. All of whom transitioned from the Pre-Prepper class, and are fitting in just great! Our older friends are doing such a great job being role models and helping their younger friends “learn the ropes.”