“Symmetry Monsters”

The Preppers have been learning about simple fractions this week. We are focusing on 2 halves= 1 whole object. We are incorporating symmetry into our lesson in the most fun way! We chose a shape, then figured out how we could fold that shape in half to create two symmetrical sides. Next, we applied paint to one half of our shape, and folded it together. We discussed what the shape would look like when we opened it…would the two sides look different or the same? To wrap up our lesson, we decorated our shapes as silly “Symmetry Monsters.” Be sure to check them out outside of our classroom!

Symmetry and Science 

Aside from reading, math and science are our favorite subjects! We try to implement core subjects like reading, math and science into our daily curriculum through guided lessons, as well as hands on  child-led center time. The children are taught a lesson such as symmetry or basic chemistry (the reaction between acids and bases), then allowed to expand and explore their learning through structured math and science centers during choice time.

Math fun!

The Preppers have been learning to tell time on a traditional clock. How awesome is this little guy?!​

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Show-and-Tell was a huge sucess! We had a blast sharing some of our favorite toys and book with our friends. This is a wonderful and fun way to encourage confidence, self esteem, and language skills. We even got a surprise visit from Clifford!​

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Rainbow Wizard’s Brew!


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The Preppers love science! Science experiments are a great way to learn about the world around us, and are one of our favorite things to do! We learned all about acids and bases, and how they “don’t get along”, and that they release energy when they are combined. We filled glass mason jars with vinegar (our acid), food coloring, and dish soap, then took turns dropping in spoonfuls of baking soda (our base) to create a reaction. We changed the color often to create a rainbow effect. We learned that the bubbling effect was energy being released that we could actually see! So neat!!



Amazing Imaginations!

There is simply nothing more incredible than a child’s imagination! The following was an entirely child-lead activity. There was zero teacher interaction or influence:

Four children were playing together during choice time. Two friends decided to go on a “date” (precious), and pretended to go to a restaurant. Two other friends decided to work at the restaurant; one being the server, and the other the chef. The children decided who would play each role, how they would act it out, and what toys and materials to use…all without teacher influence! It’s amazing to watch children model behavior they have seen…so, remember to always be on your best behavior…they’re always watching!!!