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Great job buddy!​

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We love to read!

One of our favorite things to do in the Prepper class is READ! We have storytime all throughout the day, and get so excited when friends bring books to share! In March, we studied children’s literature. We each took turns bringing our favorite book to school to “read” to our friends. We learned all the difference parts of a book, as well as the job of the author and illustrator. We also learned new literary terms such as; fiction, non-fiction, moral, main character and supporting characters.

How does a cactus retain water?

Today the preppers conducted an experiment to determain how a cactus holds water. We used water, paper towels, and wax paper to simulate 3 different scenarios of air exposure. Cacti have waxy interior walls protecting their water from air exposure. Our experiment showed that the paper towel and wax paper roll held water the longest.