Welcome to Preppers!

It’s always so exciting to start a new school year! We are so very happy to welcome new friends to our classroom. We had a fantastic transition week, and are off to a great first week in our new class. We are having so much fun exploring our new classroom and “big kid” playground. The Preppers are a busy bunch, and have already completed our first science experiment. We learned about water density by comparing fresh water to salt water. We created salt water, then added food coloring before slowly pouring it into our fresh water. We learned that salt water is more dense, therefore, seperated from fresh water and settled to the bottom of our glasses. We used math and fine motor skills to measure all of our ingredients by ourselves. We also created an ocean habitat in our sensory table, used our fine motor skills to create silly puffer fish paintings, and began exploring the world of dinosaurs. The Preppers are doing a great job learning the “rules” of our classroom. We walk in a line, wait patiently and respectfully in the hall, and play in centers in an orderly way. A favorite activity of the day is always the weather. Our weather helpers check the weather in the courtyard, then “report” the weather to the class. We have learned to read the weekly forecast on our weather app as well as the temperature for the day. Our first show-and-tell was a huge success! This is a great confidence building activity. It builds self esteem while  strengthening our vocabulary and language skills.

One thought on “Welcome to Preppers!

  1. Thanks for keeping them busy and happy! Appreciate your hard work

    Marie Cantrell



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