Any moment is a teachable moment. The Preppers spent a beautiful afternoon in our courtyard putting all that we have learned about agriculture this week to very good use. We tilled and cultivated the soil in our planter box, added our homemade compost and fresh soil. We then planted seeds in starter containers to be carefully cared for and then transplanted into our garden. Lastly, we re-potted our beloved classroom plant, Monkey Plant, to a spacious new home. We took the time to explore its roots, stem and leaves, and even found a few creepy crawly garden friends. Happy Spring!

Science rocks!

The Preppers have been focusing on lots of science during our units on weather and recycling. We learned about clouds and how they help to provide us with rain during our “cloud in a bottle” experiment. We then learned all about evaporation (how the rain gets in the clouds), during a wonderful outdoor adventure. We “painted” the fence, trees, and benches in our courtyard with water, then watched it evaporate in the warm sun. We wrapped up with our yearly favorite-water pollution. We learned about ways to protect our planet and how important clean waters is. We wanted to know what would happen if we polluted water. Could we make it clean again? Would you want to drink it???