Making SENSE of tastes and scents!

Last week we learned all about our five senses! We had a taste test on Monday and used words to describe the different flavors and textures in our mouths (radishes were NOT a hit!). We played I-Spy and had to describe as many details as we could so our friends could guess the objects we were looking at. We talked about different smells and how some make us happy and some are not very pleasant! We played “What’s that Sound?” where we listened to everyday sounds such as a car horn, a lawnmower, birds, and somebody sneezing, and we had to guess what they were. Our friends were so creative this week with their textured show-and-tell items! We used them to make a texture sensory board to keep in our classroom!

A-Camping we will go!

We had so much going “camping” in our classroom! We made s’mores and measured with marshmallows, we sang camping songs and built a campfire, we went on a “bear hunt” and made fireflies in a jar and lanterns… we had quite the busy (and messy!) week! On Friday we “camped out” in our tent for morning circle and group time. Thank you to Chloe’s parents for letting us borrow the tent for the day!

Dino Days

We had so much fun learning about dinosaurs last week! We started off by making dinosaur tracks and eggs with Play-doh, and finished the week with two big science projects: salt-dough dinosaur fossils and dinosaur egg bath bombs! We loved measuring out ingredients and following the recipes to make our dino-themed objects. Sharing the dinosaurs that “hatched” from our eggs was a great way to start the week after having an extra-long weekend off from school!