“T” is for…

The Preppers can name a LOT of things that begin with the letter “T”. We had so many wonderful ideas for our “T” themed show-and-tell! We also worked on our “T is for Turkey” projects where we counted out the number of letters in each of our names and picked that many feathers to write those letters on. The preppers wrote and traced the letter of their names all by themselves! Check out the final products on the wall outside of our classroom door!

CIPS Spirit Week!

We had quite the eventful week with Spirit Days and Halloween coinciding! We loved seeing all of our friends dressed up for the different days, and we especially loved seeing everybody’s Halloween costumes. Elsa was definitely the most popular costume this year—we had FOUR Elsas in our class alone!

Thank you to all the parents/grandparents who donated items and treats for our Halloween party! We had so much fun dancing to spooky and kooky music, playing games and having special snacks!