Arctic animals 🐧

We are loving our unit all about Arctic animals this week! We are learning to identify the polar regions, different facts about the Arctic and Antarctic, as well as lots of fun things about the animals that live there. Today, we did our super messy and fun “Blubber” science experiment. We wanted to know just how animals such as penguins, seals and whales manage to live in such freezing cold waters. We learned that one way they stay warm is with blubber. We created a mini replica of the Arctic sea, complete with icebergs, then tested the water with our bare hands. We decided that the water was much too cold to swim in without protecting our bodies. We then simulated the blubber on an animal’s body by filling a glove with shortening (the blubber), then putting our gloved hand into our blubber glove. We then put both hands back into the water to realize that our protected hand was nice and toasty warm! Girls Rock Science!

Creating and testing our Arctic Ocean
Brrr…it’s so cold! Getting our gloves on.
Blubber hands! Warm and toasty!!
Girls rock science!!!
Technology tools. Do you remember National Geographic being this funny???
Silly penguins!

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