Happy St. Patrick’s Day☘️

The Preppers had so much fun celebrating St. Patrick’s Day! We began the week by learning a little history of Ireland and St. Patrick. We learned to Irish dance, made a leprechaun trap, went on a treasure hunt, made beautiful art, and finished our week with a party!

Our tricky leprechaun turned our milk GREEN! It was delicious!!
Our resident leprechaun trap expert visited and gave a presentation on his awesome trap.
After reading “How to Catch a Leprechaun “, we designed a trap, and got busy building. We decided green was a good color for our trap.
Working hard
We decided on a SLIME trap. Homemade slime is always best. We’re using our science and math skills while measuring and mixing our ingredients.
Setting the trap! We know that leprechauns love sweet snacks and rainbows, so leaving a Fruit Loop trail was just the thing.
We are so proud of ourselves!
Oh No!!! What a mess, and he got away!!!
Our tricky leprechaun got away, but he did leave us yummy cupcakes and shamrock juice.
Checking our trap!
Hunting for gold!
We were so excited!
Reading our notes from our leprechaun.
Irish freeze dancing.

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