Preppers are good SPORTS!

We have been learning all about winter sports this week in the Prepper room. We practiced “skiing”, discussed all the different types of ice skating, watched videos of bobsledders reaching super high speeds, and learned about some really cool snowboarding tricks! For show and tell this week, our friends brought in sports related items.

“T” is for…

The Preppers can name a LOT of things that begin with the letter “T”. We had so many wonderful ideas for our “T” themed show-and-tell! We also worked on our “T is for Turkey” projects where we counted out the number of letters in each of our names and picked that many feathers to write those letters on. The preppers wrote and traced the letter of their names all by themselves! Check out the final products on the wall outside of our classroom door!

CIPS Spirit Week!

We had quite the eventful week with Spirit Days and Halloween coinciding! We loved seeing all of our friends dressed up for the different days, and we especially loved seeing everybody’s Halloween costumes. Elsa was definitely the most popular costume this year—we had FOUR Elsas in our class alone!

Thank you to all the parents/grandparents who donated items and treats for our Halloween party! We had so much fun dancing to spooky and kooky music, playing games and having special snacks!

Preppers are sweet, right to the core!

We had so much fun learning all about apples last week! We learned the names of the different parts of an apple and how they grow. We did apple print art and read several apple-themed books. For math and science, we did two special apple activities! First we followed a recipe and measured out ingredients to make our own applesauce that we got to eat with our snack. We also got to be chemists by learning a little about acids and bases and their reactions. We made apple volcanoes by mixing baking soda and vinegar in the core of our apples, and then we got a little creative and added some other fun ingredients: dish soap and food coloring!

We love our families!

We had so much fun sharing our family photos last week! The Preppers LOVED talking about their family members and favorite family activities! Apparently a lot of families enjoy eating pizza and spaghetti for dinner, because a majority of our friends said that was their family’s favorite meal!

Making SENSE of tastes and scents!

Last week we learned all about our five senses! We had a taste test on Monday and used words to describe the different flavors and textures in our mouths (radishes were NOT a hit!). We played I-Spy and had to describe as many details as we could so our friends could guess the objects we were looking at. We talked about different smells and how some make us happy and some are not very pleasant! We played “What’s that Sound?” where we listened to everyday sounds such as a car horn, a lawnmower, birds, and somebody sneezing, and we had to guess what they were. Our friends were so creative this week with their textured show-and-tell items! We used them to make a texture sensory board to keep in our classroom!