Watermelon math🍉

We began our day by reading “The Enormous Watermelon.” We then took turns lifting our watermelon and talking about weight. We weighed all the friends and compared heights, learning that our older and taller friends usually weigh more. After that, we weighed our watermelon and decided how many watermelons heavy we all were. We completed our math lesson by measuring how many links around the watermelon was and compared it to how many links tall we all were. we finished off the morning lesson by cutting and tasting our yummy fruit.

Weighing and measuring our watermelon
Such strong girls!

Prepper Picnic🍉🧁

We had a blast kicking off summer with our annual Prepper Picnic! Our sweet girls brought so many yummy goodies to make our day extra special. They wore their fancy dresses and all got fancy “picnic hair.” We had so much fun!

Sweet girls all dolled up in their picnic clothes with fancy picnic hair heading out
Can you believe these cookies from the Lasso family??? Amazing❤️
Picnic ready!
These girls have no time for “cheesing” when there’s food involved…lol
The first of many summer adventures!
Sweet girls
Our brave pickle volunteers