Shape pizza 🍕

This week we have been learning about pentagons and reviewing the other shapes we have learned up until now. We made a pizza with different shape toppings to test our shape knowledge and wrote down our pizza recipes to test our counting knowledge!

Twister Time 🌪

Our group activity this week has mostly consisted of playing Twister. I love seeing the kids begin to understand their right hand from their left hand. They also take turns, work out their gross motor skills, and most importantly they have have fun!

Hand Bells 🔔

We are working hard to learn how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” using hand bells. It might take us one month, or maybe four or five haha but we are dedicated to learn! While practicing the song, the kids are also practicing taking turns and listening to instructions which is an awesome bonus.

Scarecrow Puppet Show 🌽

Today we made scarecrow puppets so of course we had to put on a puppet show outside to soak up the nice weather we are having. I got to watch the cutest performances like “Silly Willy the Scarecrow” and “The Scarecrow Who is a Doctor”(just to name a couple). The kids enjoyed jumping in leaf piles afterwards as well. 🍂

Show and Tell (opposites edition)

I have to share what the girls brought for show and tell today because they absolutely nailed it!

Quiet and loud. Marshmallows in a jar are quiet and beans in a jar are loud.
Big and small. Here’s a big bunny and a small bunny.
Up and down. To make the snow fall in a snow globe you have to move it up and down.
Big and small. Here’s a big toy Rocky and a small toy Rocky.

Opposites ❄️☀️

We have been discussing opposites all week long. The girls understand the concept now so they made a little opposites book to show off their new knowledge! This activity was also a wonderful way to practice our fine motor skills by cutting and coloring.

Healthy or unhealthy? 🍎

This week we’re learning all about nutrition and foods that help our bodies grow strong. Today we put our healthy foods knowledge to the test by sorting all of our toy foods. Together we made a healthy pile and an unhealthy pile of food. Team work makes the dream work 💪🏼