Patterns 🔴🔵🔴🔵

Showing off our pattern making skills! Working our math readiness and fine motor skills all in one.


Raindrop experiment 🧪

Who knew oil, food coloring, and shaving cream could be so much fun! The kids were blown away by this cool raindrop experiment and did a fantastic job taking turns in the observation process!

Sensory Play Bins 🤩

We’ve been loving our sensory play lately! If the prepper room sounds weirdly quiet, the sensory bins are probably out😂 not only have these guy’s imagination blossomed but also their fine motor skills! They’re now building cubes with our bubble blocks and screwing/unscrewing lids all by themselves!

Water Day💦

Water day was a blast!! The kids had so much fun playing with water beads and water table, having a water fight, running through sprinklers, and giving our baby dolls a bath! The cherry on top, of course, was jumping in the muddy puddles afterwards.

3D Shapes

These little engineers had so much fun making 3D shapes using sticks and play-doh. It was the perfect way to review our 3D shapes, work our fine motor skills, and practice our team work all in one!

Prepper Picnic 🧺 🍉

We enjoyed our afternoon snack picnic style! Bendy’s mom’s adorable watermelon rice crispy treats were a big hit!!😊

Lowercase and Uppercase Practice📚

This dinosaur feed activity was the perfect way to practice identifying lowercase and uppercase letters! The activity turned into a “who can find it the fastest” game and the children had so much fun!

Dissecting Watermelons 🍉

These little scientists enjoyed using their fine motor skills to pick out the watermelons seeds using tweezers. They used awesome descriptive language to discuss how the watermelon feels, smells, and looks.