Dissecting Watermelons 🍉

These little scientists enjoyed using their fine motor skills to pick out the watermelons seeds using tweezers. They used awesome descriptive language to discuss how the watermelon feels, smells, and looks.


Dream pet directed drawing ✍️

We wrapped up our pet themed month with these precious dream pet directed drawing! After reviewing which animals can be pets (which unfortunately ruled out dinosaurs and tigers), the children picked their “dream” pet and practiced drawing it on a whiteboard. Once they got the hang of how to sketch their pet they moved on to draw the real deal. Everyone did a fantastic job!! The best little artists in the making❤️

Pet home engineering 🏠

These little engineers worked their critical thinking skills and team work skills to make these awesome pet homes!

Doggy Wash 🧼

While the kids were napping these sneaky little dogs found their way into the mud so, we worked our fine motor skills with a fun doggy wash activity! The kids enjoyed a break from the worksheets to work with their hands😊

Pet themed fun 🤩

We have incorporated a little pet themed fun into our learning this week. The cherry on top was filling out “pet application” forms where the children not only practiced writing their name and age but also got to choose their dream pet. The kids really enjoyed it😊

Pet store grand opening 🐶 🐍 🐱 🐰 🐭

We said goodbye to our home center for a little bit to make room for a pet store! The kids are really enjoying the new dramatic play opportunities and I am loving watching their imagination blossom.

Fruit or Veggie?

The best type of learning is hands on learning. We discussed the differences between fruits and vegetables and the children were shocked to learn that tomatoes and bell peppers are actually fruit. We discussed that if it has seeds inside, it is a fruit. Some of the children were still skeptical so we had to end the debate by dissecting the fruits and vegetables and seeing if they had seeds inside or not.

Sprouting beans: week 3

Week 3 some of the beans were growing too tall to stay in a bag which meant we had to re-pot them! The kids were so careful and took such good care of their beans. Operation bean sprout: succeeded 💯

Sprouting beans: week 2

Week 2 and the leaves are already starting to pop up!! The kids loved checking out the growing progress every day. Also, can we talk about how cute their handwritings are!!! I love how far along their fine motor skills have come.

Crockpot muffins😋

We love cooking in the prepper room 👩‍🍳!!! For our Easter party, we made yummy chocolate chip muffins. The kids practiced waiting their turn, pouring the ingredients in carefully, and stirring. It turned out delicious!!